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Though there are New Year’s Eve festivities held all over Rio – lpanema, Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Leblon, the Marina da Glória – without a doubt the most exuberant and vibrant celebrations are in Copacabana.

Every New Year’s Eve, around two million people, most of them dressed in white, crowd onto the two-and-a-half mile beach to watch a fantastic fireworks display that lasts a quarter of an hour.

The hotels along Avenida Atlantica host sumptuous parties, followed by elaborate breakfast.

In the days leading up to the end of the year, Copacabana also serves as the site for festivities related to Brazil ’s various syncretic religions, notably umbandada and candomblé.

On December 31, the main thoroughfares are closed to private cars after 6pm, and bus service is limited.

Anyone not staying in Copacabana would do well to take a taxi after 6pm, or park in Ipanema and continue on foot to Copacabana.

Despite the huge numbers of people walking about, there are very few disturbances; the beach is heavily policed during the festivities.

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