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  • Alagoas Travel Guide

    Alagoas occupies the inverted triangle of land between the Rio São Francisco and the Atlantic Ocean. The state is home to some of the Northeast’s most popular aquatic destinations; even... Continue reading

  • Brazil Travel Guide and Tourism Information

    As South America’s largest country, and the fifth largest country in the world, Brazil certainly has plenty to offer. Its’ fabulous beaches are what attract many tourists every year, while... Continue reading

  • History of Brazil

    The first emperor of Brazil In 1500 Portuguese sailor Pedro Alvares Cabrel set sail with a crew of 1200 men for India, and in turn ended up in Brazil. The... Continue reading

  • Most Popular Destinations in Brazil

    When most people hear the word Brazil, they immediately envision themselves lying on a white-sand beach lapped by warm turquoise waters, while sipping a lime caipirinha. Indeed, Brazil’s 7,400 kilometers... Continue reading

  • Brazil Gemstones

    Brazil is one of the major countries that produce precious gems and minerals. For centuries, Brazil has been known for rich deposits of gold, diamonds, and other variety of gems... Continue reading

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