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  • Inland of Paraíba Travel Guide

    Paraíba’s interior, which alternates mountain ranges with sertão, is one of the most prosperous inland areas in the Northeast. It is home to the second largest city in the state,... Continue reading

  • Coast of Paraíba Travel Guide

    The north coast of Paraíba sharply contrasts with the south coast: Jacumã, in the south, is a district of Conde and a victim of chaotic urban sprawl; Barra de Mamanguape,... Continue reading

  • João Pessoa Travel Guide

    Sandwiched between the Sanhauá River and the Atlantic Ocean, this site’s sunshine and reef-calmed seas are irresistible to visitors. A law prohibits the construction of water front buildings taller than... Continue reading

  • Paraíba Travel Guide

    Paraiba’s enchantment draws from both its history and its geography. In the early days of colonization, the Portuguese, French and Dutch fought over the territory. Later, Paraiba played a significant... Continue reading