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  • São Luís Travel Guide

    São Luís, a city on the west side of São Luís Island, was once called Saint Louis. The charming colonial town harbors a rich cultural mix. In 1612, the year of the French invasion, noblemen Daniel de La Touche, Lord of Ravardiere, and Franҫois de Rasilly, Lord of Rasilly and... Continue reading

  • Maranhão Travel Guide

    Old and new walk hand-in-hand in Maranhão. Baroque tiles blend with space-age technology, centuries-old houses stand beside skyscrapers, and the music of the traditional bumba-meu-boi festival harmonizes with reggae. And though Maranhão is part of the Northeast, it is heavily influenced by the culture and traditions of Brazil’s North, which... Continue reading

  • Iguassu Falls Travel Guide

    The work Iguaçú means “big water” in the tupi-guarani etymology. The Iguaçú river, which forms the Falls eighteen km before the river meets the Paraná river, overcomes a ground unevenness and plunges 65m with a width of 2,780m. Its geological formation dates back to approximately 150 million years. The Iguaçú... Continue reading

  • Espírito Santo Travel Guide

    If you’re one of those people who thinks that Brazil has only the Rio de Janeiro to show it’s time to meet more of its wonders: Espírito Santo! Espírito Santo is one of the smallest states in Brazil and is characterized by a diversity of tourist attractions are very close,... Continue reading

  • Biodiversity Treasure of Bahia’s Whale Coast

    Bahia’s Whale Coast is one of Brazil’s top natural attractions, the Abrolhos Marine National Park encompasses four of the five islands which make up the Abrolhos archipelago: Redonda, Siriba, Sueste and Guarita. One of the islands (Santa Bárbara), which holds the Abrolhos lighthouse, is under the jurisdiction of the Brazilian... Continue reading

  • Cocoa Coast Travel Guide

    Around 180km, between the cities of Itacaré and Canavieiras, form the so called Cocoa Coast. Home to nature wonders, rivers flanked by cocoa farms, beaches of vast untouched coconut groves amid the Atlantic Forest and dense mangroves, the region enchants for its landscapes and the opulence of the golden years... Continue reading

  • History of Brazil

    The history of Brazil starts with Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, who arrived thousands of years ago by crossing the Bering land bridge into Alaska and then moving south. The first European to explore Brazil was Pedro Álvares Cabral on April 22, 1500 under the sponsorship of Portugal. From the... Continue reading

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