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  • Naturist Beaches in Santa Catarina

    Naturist (nude) beaches in Brazil are not numerous, but they’re certainly beautiful. Nudism is practiced unofficially in several Brazilian beaches, but on many of them, there are breaches of the naturist’s code of ethics and nudists may face the risk of harassment or worse. Also remember that according to Brazilian... Continue reading

  • Inland of Rio Grande do Norte Travel Guide

    Anyone wishing to penetrate the sertão (inland of Rio Grande do Norte) – the region known as the Seridó – will be surprised by the singular beauty of the semi-arid landscape and the rich culture of the area. From Natal, however, the trip is difficult by car. Historically engaged in... Continue reading

  • South Coast of Rio Grande do Norte Travel Guide

    The Costa do SuI (South Coast) of Rio Grande do Norte offers travelers nearly uninterrupted views of the state’s lush natural beauty: dunes, lakes, coconut groves, secluded beaches, stretches of coral, and natural pools. The region also boasts culture and history. The municipalities of Parnamirim and Nísia Floresta are known... Continue reading

  • North Coast RN Travel Guide

    The unspoiled beauty of the north coast of Rio Grande do Norte is magnificent. A one or two- day trip by dune buggy or 4X4 vehicle, up to the border with Ceará, is a perfect way to enjoy it. A series of fishing villages lie along the 250 kilometers (155... Continue reading

  • Natal Travel Guide

    Nestled among endless rolling sand dunes, Natal occupies the scenic stretch of coast between the Atlantic and the Rio Potengi (formerly the Rio Grande do Norte). The left bank of the river was once inhabited by Potiguar Indians. On December 25, 1599, the Portuguese celebrated mass on the site of... Continue reading

  • Rio Grande do Norte Travel Guide

    Gateway to the stunning beaches of Rio Grande do Norte, the city of Natal is perched on Brazil’s Atlantic coast, at the mouth of the Potengi River. Escape the bustle at secluded Pipa and Pirangi beaches or live it up at Genipabu and Tibau do Sul. The city is surrounded... Continue reading

  • Lagoa Rodrigues de Freitas RJ Travel Guide

    The neighborhood that sprang up around Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas (Lake), in Rio’s South Zone, features residential patches and a laid-back atmosphere. The area is popular with joggers and cyclists, as well as those attracted by the area’s lively bars and restaurants. To get there from the North Zone, take... Continue reading

  • Jardim Botanico RJ Travel Guide

    The middle-to upper-class neighborhood of Jardim Botanico surrounds its namesake park (literally meaning ‘botanical garden’), created in 1808 and open to the public since 1819. Located in Rio’s Zona Sul (South Zone), its neighbors include Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas and Gávea. Flanked by mountains, these lush, green environs are pleasa... Continue reading

  • Gávea RJ Travel Guide

    Surrounded by Jardim Botanico, Leblon, Rocinha and São Conrado, Gávea is predominantly residential, but there are good outdoor activities and nightlife options every day of the week. The neighborhood owes its name to a rock, standing some 2625 feet tall, that resembles a topsail (gávea) on an old sailing boat.... Continue reading

  • São Conrado RJ Travel Guide

    The view from the Zona SuI (South Zone) neighborhood of São Conrado is stunning: the rocks of Pedra da Gávea and Pedra Bonita, the hill Morro Dois Irmãos, and Praia de São Conrado (São Conrado Beach) lie just ahead on the horizon. São Conrado’s signature upper-class condiminums border the neighborhoods... Continue reading