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  • Nudist Beaches in Santa Catarina

    If you are a fan of clothing-optional beaches, then you won’t want to overlook Praia do Pinho when trying to plan a Brazil escape. Found in the southern state of Santa Catarina, this nudist beach is among the most renowned beaches of its kind in all of Brazil. In fact,... Continue reading

  • Colina do Sol Naturist Community

    Colina do Sol opened its gates near the small rural city of Taquara in Brazil’s beautiful, southern State of Rio Grande do Sul. From the beginning Colina do Sol was an innovative enterprise evolving from the idea to build a small Naturist community where people may live and work without... Continue reading

  • Barra Seca Nudist Beach

    Barra Seca is an official nude beach in Brazil. While elsewhere in Brazil people are generally prohibited to be naked in public places, in Barra Seca you must be nude in the family area (the main part of the beach). Around the periphery of the beach, nudism is optional. Barra... Continue reading

  • Tambaba Nudist Beach

    Several attractive beaches line the shores of Conde, in Southern Paraíba, with their cliffs, coral reefs, estuaries and warm waters. This town with about 21,400 inhabitants, located about 13 miles from João Pessoa, the state capital, is one of Paraíba’s most popular touristic destinations. However, what is making it famous... Continue reading

  • Naturism in Brazil

    By the year 1500, Brazil was inhabited by naturists, both in the aspect of being eco-friendly and due to their natural attitude towards nudity. Naturism happened even before the discovery, because the country was inhabited by Indians who were naked and not ashamed of their bodies, since clothes were irrelevant... Continue reading

  • São Paulo Travel Guide

    The city of São Paulo is the capital of the State of São Paulo (the only other Brazilian State where this happens is Rio de Janeiro). The naturals or the State are called paulistas, while those from the city are called paulistanos. São Paulo is, by far, the economic center... Continue reading

  • Balneário Camboriú Travel Guide

    Known as the tourism state capital of Santa Catarina, Balneário Camboriú is located in the north coastal part of Santa Catarina. In addition to its idyllic beaches and modern innovative tourist attractions, the city has a strong commerce working during all year. The city is undoubtedly one of the most... Continue reading

  • Costa Verde e Mar Travel Guide Santa Catarina

    The Costa Verde e Mar (emerald coast) region is located in the center-north part of the state of Santa Catarina and boasts inumerous options of leisure and entertainment, exuberant natural beauties, typical and theme gastronomy, varied cultural manifestations and much more. Balneário Piçarras preserves its charm and attracts visitors because... Continue reading

  • Florianopolis Travel Guide

    Florianopolis is the island paradise of the southern coast and renowned for its vibrant culture, subtropical climate, beautiful beaches, and great nightlife. Florianopolis is blessed with a spectacular combination of natural beauty with 42 beaches surrounded by green mountains, world-class nightlife, sophisticated dining, exotic Brazilian culture, safety and a charming... Continue reading

  • Florianopólis Beaches Guide

    Beaches in Florianopolis, Brazil are  some of the most breathtaking anywhere in the world. There are forty-two Florianopolis beaches, to be exact, with one more beautiful than the next and all of them here waiting for you to enjoy. Florianopolis beaches offer everything from secluded and paradise-like getaways that make... Continue reading