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  • Amazon Rainforest Travel Guide

    The Amazon rainforest, also known as Amazonia, is one of the world’s greatest natural resources. Because its vegetation continuously recycles carbon dioxide into oxygen, it has been described as the “Lungs of our Planet”. About 20% of earth’s oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon rainforest gets its... Continue reading

  • Mouth of the São Francisco River Travel Guide

    The São Francisco River is a river in Brazil with a length of 3,160 kilometres. It is the fourth largest river system in South America and the longest river wholly within Brazil. It begins in the state of Minas Gerais. It runs generally north behind the coastal range draining an... Continue reading

  • Alagoas North Coast Travel Guide

    This beach on the north coast of Alagoas is considered to be the jewel in the crown of Northeast Brazilian beaches. [jwplayer config=”myplayer” file=”http://www.brazil-travel.net/videos/alagoas/North-Coast-of-Alagoas.mp4″ image=”http://www.brazil-travel.net/videos/alagoas/North-Coast-of-Alagoas.jpg” html5_file=”http://www.brazil-travel.net/videos/alagoas/North-Coast-of-Alagoas.mp4″ download_file=”http://www.brazil-travel.net/videos/alagoas/North-Coast-of-Alagoas.mp4″] BARRA DE SANTO ANTONIO Barra de Santa Antonio, 44 kilometers (27 miles) north from Maceió, grew out of a 17th century Dutch village.... Continue reading

  • Maceió Travel Guide

    First-time visitors to Maceió are immediately struck by the beauty of the surrounding waters – the brilliant, vivid green of the ocean and the Lagoa Mundaú lagoon. Among Maceió many spectacular beaches are Praia de Pajuҫara, famous for its natural pools, and Praia do Frances, in Marechal Deodoro, with calm... Continue reading

  • Alagoas Travel Guide

    Alagoas occupies the inverted triangle of land between the Rio São Francisco and the Atlantic Ocean. The state is home to some of the Northeast’s most popular aquatic destinations; even the name Alagoas (lagoas means lagoons) hints at its myriad watery attractions. No wonder that some of the most popular... Continue reading

  • Brazil Travel Guide and Tourism Information

    As South America’s largest country, and the fifth largest country in the world, Brazil certainly has plenty to offer. Its’ fabulous beaches are what attract many tourists every year, while festivals like the Rio Carnival bring thousands of extra visitors to experience this colorful, world renowned event. Cities like Rio... Continue reading

  • Most Popular Destinations in Brazil

    In its young history, Brazil has established itself as one of the most exotic, culturally diverse nations in the modern world.  Its people, its nature, its cuisine and its architecture are amongst the world’s most beautiful– and we are hopelessly obsessed.  Join us to explore 10 of Brazil’s most amazing... Continue reading