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Admire and get admired. On Tuesday, the five-day-long Rio Carnival finally culminates in the Scala Gay Gala, at a feverish pitch.

The event lives up to Rio de Janeiro’s reputation of being the world’s most gay friendly city, welcoming and encouraging all individuals of alternative lifestyles.

Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transvestites, transgender people and drag queens from all corners of the world come to Rio to celebrate Carnival. They can be seen in all their glory all around on the floats at the Samba Parade, stopping traffic at the street festivities, or having a great time at the balls. For years, this one has been their main event.

This is probably the most famous night in the series and is broadcast to all over Brazil. A truly exotic collection of characters take to the dance floors and a grand entrance is de rigueur.

It attracts a flamboyant crowd with lots of drag queens and their admirers. It attracts characters from all over the globe who cannot resist the opportunity to express themselves in their most exotic and outlandish costumes.

Some choose to be gorgeously ornamented with intricate details and others prefer to attend the ball exposing as much as possible. Whatever the approach, this is an occasion for queens to be there at their queenly best and demand the attention of everyone around.

All folk very welcome

Contrary to what the name suggests, this ball is by no means restricted to gay boys and girls. Straight people are very welcome and plenty attend to catch a glimpse of some of the most idiosyncratic personages of Rio’s Carnival. The outrageous and unbelievable getups are fanciful enough to attract TV coverage and a host of local celebrities. A pink carpet is rolled out and a runway is created right at the doors of Rio Scala so that the attendees can show off their extraordinary costumes in full view of the press and the crowds.


Rio Scala is one of the most happening night clubs in Rio de Janeiro. It moved downtown in 2010, right next to the City Theatre and increased significantly in size. It boasts 3 ballrooms with an overall surface of 3,000 square meters and a capacity for 2000 revellers.

The club has become a symbol of Carnival due to the electrifying and sensational balls it hosts during the season.

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