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Colina do Sol opened its gates near the small rural city of Taquara in Brazil’s beautiful, southern State of Rio Grande do Sul.

From the beginning Colina do Sol was an innovative enterprise evolving from the idea to build a small Naturist community where people may live and work without the compulsory need to wear clothing. The ideal was to have people, and visitors, living in harmony, making use of their leisure, and participating in Nude Recreation according to their personal desires.

Many doubted that the idea would ever materialize. Who, on earth, let alone in Brazil, would take the initiative? But, the doubters overlooked the idealists: Celso Rossi and Paula Andreazza.

This Naturist couple with a family that includes two well adjusted, elementary aged Naturist children had already acquired many years of experience establishing Naturist and Nude Recreation oriented clubs, resorts and beaches within Brazil.

They were instrumental in the start-up of Praia do Pinho (Beach of the Pines) located in Brazil’s coastal State of Santa Catarina. “Condé Nast Traveler”, the magazine made famous for telling the truth in travel, lists Praia do Pinho, Brazil’s first Official Naturist Beach established for Nude Recreation as one of the World’s Top-Ten Beaches.

The prospect of the Nude Beach signaled Brazil’s acceptance for Naturism and Nude Recreation, and it became apparent that similar like-minded organizations would be established. This required a guiding institution with an acceptable Code of Conduct. This led Celso and Paula to pioneer the founding of the Federação Brasileira de Naturismo (Federation of Brazilian Naturism), FBrN.

Today, the scenery of Colina do Sol matches the vision for the terrestrial contribution that Celso and Paula imagined.  It is the paradise that they longed for. Together, they built a crystalline lake with a waterfall, and a white sand beach that serves as a hub for the more than one hundred permanent homes, summer vacation cabins, necessary stores, parks and camping areas.

With purpose, these structures harmonize with the exuberant natural surroundings providing opportunity for people to go about their shopping, dining and socializing without concern for what clothing they wear.

The instrument utilized to measure the degree of paradise obtained by the establishment and progress of Colina do Sol is the measure of the number of international Naturists with interests in Nude Recreation that decide to leave their origins of birth behind in exchange for establishing permanent homes for themselves, and their families at Colina do Sol.

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